What you can expect from Alive India?



When you are buying a ticket to Alive India In Concert, with amazing Live Music you take back a million memories with You! Alive India will remind you the best days of your Life and make you feel Young.. All you need to do is lay back and enjoy!


Who don’t Love a great memory?? Great Concert’s come with greater crowd and we are not an exception

  • Traffic Jams: All roads head to Alive India when we have a Concert. Plan your transit early to reach in time! (However, we have got great support from the Police Departments – Specially from Traffic Police which has been very cooperative in managing unprecedented Traffic Jams in the vicinity of the Venue)
  • You may expect Long Queues at the entrance of the Courtyard/Atrium
  • We recommend to book your tickets online from BookMyShow.Com as tickets may get sold out by the time you reach Box Office
  • Gate Management: Remember that when we have huge crowd, it gets tougher and tougher to manage. Inspite of allotting excess resources and manpower on ground, some times situation gets out of control. Make sure you take a good care of yourself, your loved ones and your belongings.


The Alive Experience:

Live Music is more Fun when it is in Open Air.  Alive India In Concert is an Open Air Pure Live Music Concert where you can dance, scream and open up. No rain or rough weather will stop the spirit of true music in You! With your Love we can be the Woodstock of India bringing out the spirit of Music, Freedom, and Peace


  • Check the weather report before leaving to the concert. If there are chances of rain, do not forget to wear a rain gear or carry an umbrella.
  • Rain/Political/Accidents: Although we have never faced any unprecedented incidents in past, there are chances of Accidents, Technical Failures, Political/Public unrest and other issues which are really beyond our control which can delay or cancel the Concert.
  • Technical Failure: Even after multiple dry runs & tests, there are always chances of technical failures or glitches. Our Passion & Love for Music makes us excel to our best when it comes to Sound Quality & Technology, but Machines are Machines 🙂
  • As any other Open Air Concert, none of our tickets (Basic to Premium) are numbered and will always be First Come First Serve. Early you come.. more chances you got to see your favorite artist from the closest possible distance 🙂


Dine, Shop & Fun:

Unlike other concerts, which happen in auditoriums and concert venues Alive India is Different; we are bringing Alive India to your favorite Shopping Destinations.

Plan a complete day with Alive where you can Dine, Shop, watch your favorite Movie at PVR  & have Fun with your Loved once before & after the concert.


As the venues are in malls you will have to take care of these, 

  • Parking: Alive attracts thousands of Music Lovers to the Venue and it comes with a cost! Parking.
  • We suggest you to use Public Transport or Cabs to avoid congestion and queue in parking area. 
  • Reach the venue early where you can have a good time Shopping at the Mall before the Concert.


Safety & Security:

When you are at Alive India, one thing that’s assured is Safety & Security of you and your family/friends. Unlike other Concerts, Alive India is a format designed for all genre. You might be Young, Old or Physically Challenged.. Alive will not stop you from experiencing true music.

Alive is among few concert formats, which can be enjoyed by all the members of the family. Kids.. Elders.. Woman and Youngsters.. Rest assured, we have good number of an ground Security guards from Mall Management & Alive India with security from respective City Police.


  • If your are accompanied with Kids/Elders, make sure you take a special care on them. Feel free to get in touch with our on ground managers on any medical emergency 
  • Avoid wearing expensive jewels/ornaments as the venue will be crowded
  • Take care of your belongings like Mobile Phones/Bags/Wallets