Remo Fernandes

Remo Fernandes was born to the well-known Panjim family of Bernado and Luiza Fernandes on 8 May 1953. Although brought up in a Catholic family, Remo says ‘When I turned 18, I started thinking for myself; and I realised that god is beyond religion.’ Remo’s first introduction to rock was at the age of seven, when a cousin returned from London with “Rock Around The Clock”, a record by Bill Haley & His Comets. He claims that it changed his life forever. He spent the next decade listening to music of that era’s most popular icons

Composing and performing the title song for the hit movie Jalwa, which was released This last event made him instantly famous due to the popularity of Bollywood cinema and of the Hindi language.Remo’s “‘Jalwa’ was path-breaking; it was a 15-minute piece of creative high-energy improvisation, featuring vocal scatting and a style of Indian flute playing which singers, musicians and music directors in India copy and emulate to this day.